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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My New Toy


I purchased my first macbook about six years ago.  It has been an amazing computer but doesn't have the power to run the recording software I would like to use.  After much debate I decided to purchase a new macbook pro.  

I checked the status of my package daily impatiently awaiting its arrival.  I thought my new toy would ship from Apple's warehouse in San Bernadino, but since I customized my order they had to build and ship it from China!!  This worried me a bit because I work for a international package company and I have seen some pretty mangled up packages traveling overseas. 

It took about a week for it to arrive and I could barely contain my excitement.  I felt like a little kid at Christmas opening the rectangular box which contained my new toy.  The Mac was securely intact with no scratches or bruises lol.

To my surprise the computer was ready to go when I powered it up.  There was no installation process at all which made me very happy.  Just one more reason why I love Macs.

So here I am on day three with my new toy getting it prepped and ready for some recording.  Can't wait to share some of the new songs I have been writing.  I should have one or two of them up in a couple weeks or sooner!

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